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Fitness Tips
  1. Stick to your programe for atleast 30 days.
  2. Do not rush/strain.
  3. Do not hold your breath, as this could lead to dizziness and possibly black out.
  4. Breath "IN" while making the compression or traction,and "OUT", as you release or hold the 07 seconds compression.
  5. Protein is growth, it is responsible for muscles, bones, even hair.

womens fitness equipment exporter, body toning equipment for women

women's fitness equipment, exercise equipment for women, body fitness equipment
Bullworker Enterprises
fitness equipment and gym equipment, body fitness equipment manufacturer
Get that perfect shape, with our range of body toning equipment. We offer ultimate range of body toning equipment with exclusive designs and features.

Bullworker Enterprises
womens fitness equipment supplier, women's body toning equipment
Body Toning Equipment

Firm & Full Fitness Equipment
To have a shapely, feminine and attractive figure. This new amazing effective, equipment FIRM AND FULL will give your upper body a complete uplift. High resistance spring combined with Isometric/ Isotonic pushes, strengthens and expands your pectorals and back muscles which force your stomach in and chest out. The complete programme also include exercises to tone underarm, slim thighs and develop a firm supple body.

FIRM & FULL creates great tension with it's full range of contracting and this is why it works the chest so deeply, persuading it to grow beautifully round, and full, adding shapely inches. It is designed to stretch and loosen the chest muscles, making them flexible and they work them from all angles for full and beautifying growth.

You can do side crush, low crush, the "B" crush, lateral raise, pull over stretch, overhead, back crush exercises.

» Course included.
» Guarantee- 1 year

women's fitness equipment womens slimming equipment, body tonning and fitness equipment  womens slimming and fitness equipment
Womens Fitness Equipment

Height Increasing Device
Lady Bull Worker
Lady Bull Worker

Lady Bull Worker
Scientifically tested Isometric/ Isotonic principles make LADY BULLWORKER the perfect figure developing, firming and shaping programe for women on the move in less than 05 minutes a day this easy to perform programe tones weak muscles in your body, beautifies your bust line, tones flabby arms, shapes your waist, hips, firm thighs, flattens your stomach, develop super legs, strengthens back and improves your posture. You will look and feel years younger.

You can do full, firm bosom, flat, trim midriff, calves, thighs, shoulder and back, waistline exercises.

» Guarantee- 1 years

Womens Fitness Equipment Womens Fitness Equipment Womens Fitness Equipment
Womens Fitness Equipment

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